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Pets 3% 10%-20%
Home & Garden 3% 10%-20%
Healthy & Beauty 1% 10%-20%
Outdoors 3% 10%-25%

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Higher CPAs on Popular Products

By leveraging our exclusive in-house offers, we can help our affiliates to earn industry-leading CPAs for products they’re already promoting.


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As a SerpCash affiliate, your commissions don’t end at checkout. You’ll earn commissions on the whole funnel, including upsells and returning purchases.


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We know you’re tired of waiting 60 days for your payout to arrive, so we pay out commissions weekly for all qualifying purchases.


Dedicated Account Manager

to us, your success as an affiliate is paramount. After all, the more money you make, the more money we make. That’s why you get access to a dedicated account manager who’ll help optimise your campaigns for maximum ROI.

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In our world, the affiliate is king, and we’re always looking to increase your earnings. You’ll find us at Bangkok’s regular affiliate meetups & networking events, don’t forget to say Hi if you see us!

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